Project: High Voltage Network Real Time Monitoring and Control

Client: Newcrest Lihir
Location: PNG

BEC Engineering has been engaged to provide the testing and commissioning services for the real-time monitoring and control of Newcrest’s HV Network at their Lihir Gold operations in PNG. The project was first started in 2012 when BEC Engineering provided the consultancy and design services for the implementation of ETAP Real-Time.

Completion of the project will allow for real-time monitoring of the generators, large loads and other vital power system parameters, and validation of the HV network model, which in turn allows more accurate system simulations to be carried out and alarming of potentially dangerous operating conditions (e.g. equipment overloads, high-fault level conditions, low voltage levels, etc.) during normal and contingency events. This will improve operator safety, risk management and ultimately the reliability of supply for the operations.

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