AngloGold Ashanti

Sunrise Dam, Western Australia

BEC Engineering designed two 33/11 kV 15 MVA Mining Substations, a 33 kV Power Line and 11 kV Underground Feeder to supply new underground mining loads.

The works included design and procurement specifications for 33 kV switchgear, transformers, neutral earthing resistors, 11 kV switchgear, protection systems and batteries.

BEC Engineering completed the project from a feasibility concept to a complete commissioned installation.

The new system was required to offset heavy loading on existing 11kV feeders to the mine.

The Client’s objective was to increase capacity to the underground mine with minimal disruption to the power station operations.

The power station was heavily loaded and operating at close to fault capacity. As such, a current limiting protection device (CLiP) was used to protect the system. This created significant challenges with inrush of the new 15MVA transformers which could potentially cause nuisance tripping on the limiting devices.

BEC Engineering worked with the power station operators to ensure energisation of the transformers could be completed without tripping.

The Sunrise Dam Northern Ring Road Feeder Substations were energised in October 2019. The substations continue to operate and are currently supplying a large portion of the underground demand freeing up capacity across the mining area.