Project: Busselton Water Control System Upgrade

Client: Busselton Water
Location: Busselton, WA

BEC Engineering will perform an upgrade of the water infrastructure control system and monitoring for Busselton and its surrounds. It will be applied to six pumping plants across the water network.

The system is primarily made up of Rockwell PLCs with a Citect SCADA package, and over time both systems have developed without strict standards of coding or maintenance. This has resulted in an overall system which is difficult to operate and maintain, with inherent risk to the reliability of the town water supply.

Works include replacement of the Citect with a new Rockwell SCADA package, and includes installation of Historian and Change Management systems. A new set of PLC and SCADA code templates will be designed and implemented across all sites, and facility for remote operation and monitoring by Busselton Water operators via mobile devices will be activated. This will improve operations of the plants, risk management and ultimately the reliability of supply. BEC Engineering will provide a simulated system in the office to allow for testing and approval by the client prior to rollout on site.

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