Information and Communication Technologies

Information and Communication Technologies

Integration of distributed systems and the development of custom solutions is a key aspect of BEC Engineering service offering.

We provide specialist experience and capabilities covering:

  • Operating systems and network protocols
  • High level language programming
  • Database systems programming
  • Network design
  • Robotics and automated vehicle design
  • Data, satellite, mobile, fibre, RF and microwavecommunications
  • Site maintenance and support.

The technology group is able to carry out the design and implementation of specialised or custom solutions.

High performance and embedded systems including QNX, Windows CE and Linux operating systems are commonly used for projects within the group with development performed in C#/.NET, C++ or Java programming languages

Custom solutions include:

  • Detection of partially emptied rail wagons during unloading operation (derailment prevention) or unevenly filled rail wagons during loading operation (loading optimisation).
  • Optimisation of stacker/reclaimer operation through stockpile edge/end detection, bench and total height detection and sensing.
  • Ship berthing collision avoidance.
  • Anti-collision of mobile machines (both track & rail) through detection of obstacles in the travel path of the machine portal or superstructure.
  • Boom protection for ship loaders, stackers and reclaimers.
  • Ship loader hatch detection.
  • Container spreader transport vehicle automation.
  • Obstacle mapping for optimisation of vehicle movement control.

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