Ore Car Profiling System

The Laser Partially Dumped Ore Car (PDOC) Detection System is the system of choice for detecting and reporting residual ore volume in rail wagons following the car dumper cycle.

The system, developed and supported by BEC Engineering. has been selected and deployed across multiple port ore handling facilities for all major miners and proven itself to be an essential part of the bulk handling operation.

The LPDOC system is a standalone sensor that accurately measures the residual volume of ore remaining in a wagon following the dumping cycle.

The system employs a pair of 2-Dimensional laser distance scanners to carry out the following tasks:

  • Profile wagons as they exit the car dumper and detect a partially dumped ore car.
  • Provide alarms and status to the PLC to stop forward motion of the indexer.
  • Support the operator in making corrective actions by providing measurements and logging results.