Collision Avoidance

Anti-Collision System

The BEC Anti-Collision System (ACS) is a self-contained, model-based system designed to prevent stackers, reclaimers and ship loaders from entering an area of proximity to each other in which an actual collision could occur.

The ACS uses existing instrumentation on the machines to calculate machine-to-machine collision distances and enables or disables the travel, slew, and luff movement for each of the machines based on the calculated collision distances.

System Features:

  • Real-time calculation of collision zones with multiple machines
  • Independent processing units for maximum flexibility and reliability
  • Integrated 3D HMI with full diagnostics and condition reporting
  • Direct communications interfaces to PLC based control system for position, status and alarming data
  • Ruggedised industrial components capable of operating in the harshest environment
  • Event and data logging to built-in Microsoft™ SQL or networked database server